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Dreamhost promo code is MAXDH2011
Get unlimited space, and bandwidth for less than 1.85 dollars per month! You can try it completely for free for first two weeks.

This is the best Dreamhost promo code. You get:
  1. First two weeks for free! Your card will not be charged for 14 days which gives you the chance to cancel easily.
  2. 3 months to cancel and get FULL refund from Dreamhost. That is, after 14 days, they will charge your card and you have 3 more months to test their hosting and decide
  3. Unlimited disk space on Dreamhost servers!
  4. Unlimited bandwidth!
  5. Unlimited mysql databases.
  6. One click installer for many popular software like wordpress, wiki, many shopping carts, etc.
  7. Totally free domain registration.
  8. Unlimited number of domains can be hosted
  9. PHP 4, PHP 5, Ruby on rails , FastCGI, and more.
  10. cool web 2.0 web control panel.
  11. Choose yearly plan for maximum discount, You will pay 22$ only (1.8$ monthly)
  12. Yes, you heard it right, 22$ per year including free domain registration with MAXDH2011 Promo code
How you can get Dreamhost promo code?
  1. Go to :
  2. Type in your Email & Password
  3. Register your new free domain (It is free, so register new one)!
  4. Choose the following option for maximum discount: "$9.95/mo (No setup fee, one year pre-payment)" and click continue
  5. Fill your personal information and click continue
  6. Enter Server name, birth city and the following "Dreamhost Promotional code": MAXDH2011 (This promo code will give you the maximum discount). Check out the images below to see where to put the promo code:
  7. Go to next step to give your credit card information, and you are done.
  8. Note that, your credit card will not be charged for two weeks
You will get 50$ dollar discount (the maximum possible)! In addition, our promo code is giving you unlimited space and unlimited bandwidth.
The following image shows where you place the Dreamhost promo code:

Dreamhost promo code

And the following image show to you that when you follow our previous steps you will get the entire first year with a free domain for $22.4 (9.95*12-$50=$22.4):
$50 discount

We wish that you found our promotional code helpful.
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