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Dreamhost coupon is MAXDH2011
Use Dreamhost coupon MAXDH2011 and get unlimited space, bandwidth, hosted domains and 1 free domain registration for less than 1.8$ per month! You can try it completely for free for first two weeks.

What you will get if you use MAXDH2011 coupon?

  1. Great WEB 2.0 totally free control panel
  2. Super easy way to install Wiki, Wordpress, shopping carts, and many other products from the control panel
  3. You can host unlimited number of domains
  4. Unlimited Disk space
  5. Unlimited Bandwidth
  6. Totally free one domain private registration ( i guess around $10 value)
  7. The cost for entire year is 22$, and your first domain registration is free! Dude, thats like $1 per month.
  8. You know what? You have the full rights to ask for refund within 90 days, and get ALL Your money back

How you can get Dreamhost promo code?

  1. Go to : https://signup.Dreamhost.com/
  2. Type in your Email Address & Password
  3. Register your new totally free domain (It is free, so register new one).
  4. Choose the following option for maximum discount (it is the default one): "$9.95/mo (No setup fee, one year pre-payment)" and then click continue
  5. Fill all your personal information and click continue
  6. Enter your new server name, birth city and the following "Dreamhost Coupon": MAXDH2011 (This coupon will give you the maximum possible discount). Check out the images below to see where to put the coupon:
  7. Go to next step to give your credit card information, and you are done.
  8. Note that, your credit card will not be charged for two weeks
And you are done! You have entire year cheap, and honestly great shared web hosting with uptime almost 99.9%! Lucky you. You are totally ready to enjoy Dreamhost shared web hosting for entire year
The following image shows where you place the best Dreamhost coupon:

Dreamhost promo code

And the following image show to you that when you follow our previous steps you will get the entire first year with a free domain for $22.4 (9.95*12-$50=$22.4):

$50 discount

We wish that you found our promotional code helpful.

We have been using Dreamhost for over 2 years, and I could not be happier, for nearly nothing I am getting umlimited space, bandwidth and I can host unlimited number of domains. I back up all my files, and websites, etc on our Dreamhost account. Honestly, Dreamhost is a real dream host that can not be found easily. I tried many web hosts (from those shared web hosting), and I paid 100$ per year (not 22$ per year for your case), and I was not happy. But when I used Dreamhost, I was very happy. In your case, you will be 22$ for the entire year and get one free domain private registration, that is, 12$ per year dude. I created this website since when I signed up, I did not find any website giving Dreamhost coupon! As such, I did create this site.

Many people sent to us thank you emails, here we want to say, you are welcome. We know we are giving you very valuable coupon for nothing. We did utilize our relationship with web hosting companies to bring for you this coupon. Sending us an email to say thank you is great, and we appreciate it. You can also review us on your web site, possibly on your new totally free domain :). You do not need to mention us, but you can do that if you are really grateful for this cheap yearly hosting.