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Dreamhost is a web hosting company that has been around over ten years. They host well over a half a million domains and offer a number of plans suited for both business and personal websites. They also have some very well thought out scripts that can be used for blogging or for other purposes. It is believed that Dreamhost has a very loyal customer base which is an indication of the service they provide.

Dreamhost has a massive data centre which translates into efficient and more than adequate connections to the Internet and high performance.

They at present offer shared web hosting and have plans sat a starting price below six dollars. Their plan will differ in a few ways based on the disk space and bandwidth. The price you pay will also vary accordingly. They offer their customers a kind of loyalty bonus by way of increasing the disk space and bandwidth each week. Dreamhost gives its users a wide number of features including up to 600 email accounts and unlimited domain forwarding. Users seem to love the many features on offer for such a low price.

Users will also be impressed with the unique control panel Dreamhost offers. Unlike other control panels offered by other hosting companies this control panel is custom written and has a higher level of functionality and is easy to use. So users can do a variety of task straight for this panel and get them done easily.

Unlike many other shared hosts that will not allow their customers to upload and install software when in beta, Dreamhost will allow this and also those for auto installation. Usurers at Dreamhost also have the option of getting dedicated hosting and virtual private servers. Both are great features especially for those who are setting up or already have massive websites. They also offer new users a one of a kind 50 day money back guarantee. Also customers can take advantage of their Dreamhost Coupons which allows you to use a coupon code to customise the price you pay for services.

Overall Dreamhost is certainly more than value for money and with the high level of reliability of its service it is likely to continue to be one of if not the best hosting service online.

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