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Dreamhost has developed the reputation of offering great service both in customer service and also in providing decent quality shared hosting. Most of their customers report that they were satisfied with their service in terms of available bandwidth, storage, and uptime. Most reports online mentions 99.8% uptime, this means out of 1000 times you request your website, once the request will be turned down. This number is found by our own research, dreamhost did not give reports about its uptime.

One of the major concerns every person who has a website online has is the hosting down and uptime of the hosting company. This uptime and downtime affects the time on a daily or monthly basis that the website is being shown online. Thus, the higher the uptime, then the higher the consistent showing of a website. This is important because no one wants their website to be not visible at any time.

Dreamhost uptime rate runs at well above 99% over the last year for shared hosting which is reasonable when compared to other hosting companies. Many of their customers have reported an average of 99.8% uptime for their sites. Others have also reported that they have consistently seen uptime of 100% which in the industry is possibly unprecedented. For users who had their websites on a dedicated server at Dreamhost many reported that their uptime ran at between 99% and 100%.

On the other hand however there have been a number of users who have reported some bad experiences. Most of these reports centre around their website not been seen for a couple of hours which occurred only once or a few times. Often these problems occurred when there was a problem at Dreamhost or scheduled maintenance, and the network or parts of it were off-line and they were working to fix it. Others have also complained about the loading times for their website being too long but most of these problems were from the distant past. In recent times this loading issue has not surfaced much.

Dreamhost is constantly upgrading its systems and has at times discards problem servers in an effort to bring improved service to its clients so that the problems encountered by the few will be a thing of the past.

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